NTN, Sales & Income Tax Filing Services

What is NTN?

National Tax Number, normally called NTN could be a distinctive ID issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), to verify the registration of business. Moreover, the NTN registration is needed to conduct any subject activity, either business or earnings dealing.

You need NTN for filing the income tax return. Additionally, the NTN registration is needed to open a business and to enter into any money transaction in Pakistan.

We are here – Get Help with NTN Registration!

Our legal consultants have years of expertise in managing completely different styles of businesses in varied industries. We are creating the legal processes and documentation like NTN registration; hassle-free for people and businessmen.

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Our legal consultants won’t solely guide you from NTN registration method to the filing of sales tax return and tax returns. However additionally we do all the legal work for you, so you’ll be able to specialize in your commercial activity peacefully.

The services we are offering you in no meantime.

>>> NTN & Sales tax registration (Individual/AOP/Company)
>>> Income tax return
>>> Withholding tax statement
>>> Accounting/Bookkeeping
>>> Trademark registration

The documents you needed at the time of NTN registration.

>>> CNIC Copy
>>> Mobile number and Email id
>>> Latest utility bill paid
>>> Complete address of Office / Residence

Benefits of NTN!

  • After getting NTN, the person becomes the assessee. And so, he/she needs to file annual Income Tax Return before the Department of Income Tax.
  • If a businessman gets the NTN, then he strengthens his/her business and gets a lot of business benefits including new clients along with their trust.
  • NTN holder can join clubs and societies and get benefits
  • NTN holder can get benefits from the government regarding his business or individuality too.
  • The person can get public designation / Government job without any objection and disqualification.
  • He/She can participate in auctions & get the government’s contracts.
  • He/She can make contracts with foreign companies as well as can get foreign company liaison office.
  • The NTN holder can get a visa to abroad.
  • The taxpayer at the international level, get positive relaxation as a noble and sincere citizen of the country.
  • The government and community take the NTN holder as a dutiful and true patriot.

    So, become an NTN holder today with us. Therefore, Contact us now. and don’t wait, be a loyal patriot of Pakistan now.