Pak Arab Issues with NAB – Resolved!

October 1, 2019
Everyone knows that NAB is highly active. And every other company & firm is getting attested. Though it’s in the good benefits of a country’s economy. because only a tax-paying nation can progress at a quick pace. So, the role of NAB in today’s circumstances is crucial.

As you all know in the last year NAB issues notice to Pak Arab housing society. And NAB sealed all the further procedures. Due to this not only the Pak Arab housing society suffers but common people too. hundreds of millions of money got stuck. The market of the real estate system is empowering fastly. So, the check & balance method should be strict. Because it’s not a matter of millions but billions of investments. Therefore, NAB took it more seriously. And should handle it with more care. Like many people, future investments are on stake.

Likewise, in the PAK Arab housing society matter. NAB didn’t put a light hand. Just only because of the seriousness of the issue.

In the interim, the NAB Lahore sorted out a service. In the wake of giving over the ownership letters of created plots among affecters of the Pak-Arab Housing Society. Prosecutor General Accountability (DPGA) Khaleq uz Zaman and Director Investigation Muhammad Rafi were the main visitors of the service. And where 65 affecters of Pak-Arab Housing Society got ownership letters of ‘Ocean Pearl Block’ adding up to around Rs 250 million.

As above mentioned clearly, that all the stuck plots got clear. And all those people got relief from this issue. Such issues are no doubt like a nightmare. As people who invest their money in buying a house. And building a dream place. Then if such news like fraud & scam came. So, what you will call it other than a nightmare?

But it’s good that NAB takes care of the people. And they just not recovered the money but give possession. Such a gesture by NAB help people to trust them. And these things should be continued in the future too.

Pay more attention while investing
Frauds, scams & corruption is in air. So, while you invest your money in any project. Then open your eyes a bit more. Because corruption is now too common. Hence next time you think of investing in any project. Firstly, we should confirm the authenticity of the firm.

Especially in the Lahore sector, the real estate business is growing rapidly. As a result, many frauds & scam cases come on screen. So, people should learn from the situation. Do a brief investigation before investing. Because if you don’t invest then such cases as Pak Arab happen. And your investment became a nightmare for you.

To avoid all these issues, the management of Pak Arab is improving itself. More than 50% of issues with NAB has been resolved. Gradually, other issues will be resolved.

A piece of open advice for everyone
Honest suggestion & advice for all the people. Before you invest in building your dreamland. First should inspect their government authorization letter. And confirm authenticity. As you don’t want your dreamland to become a nightmare for you. So, protect yourself from any such type of circumstances. Invest safely & live happily.

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